Wednesday, 17 June 2009

in your arms my life

seems like a distant world

it is obscured by the boundaries of your elbows

bent over the nape of my neck

drawing me closer to your eyes

as the song of my breath

falls rhythmically on your breast

with the rise and fall of your back

against the crest of my conjoined fingers

the cadence of your whispers shot from your mouth

echo in the caverns of my ears

that ache for your voice

as your hold on me tightens

we form shapes and structures with our bodies

construct a tower of two in silence

muscles contort to grasp flesh and bone

soft static charges flow through our nerves

our veins illuminated with electricity

we are lightning, we are fire, we are vespers

we are a tower, we are a bridge, we are a lighthouse

in the sullen sphere of this closeted space

you and i collide and a world is born

1 comment:

Ricercar said...

this is really beautiful. which seems like such a paltry word, for the purpose of describing this poem. you have a gift with words